6.1KG Lifelike Masturbator
6.1KG Lifelike Masturbator
6.1KG Lifelike Masturbator
6.1KG Lifelike Masturbator
6.1KG Lifelike Masturbator

6.1KG Lifelike Masturbator

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The Xocity masturbator has two completely separate love tunnels, each with its own unique feel and stimulating sensations.

🍒Your anal entrance is extra tight to squeeze you just right. A gentle bend creates a more natural feel while increasing pressure on your shaft for extra stimulation.

🍒Your pink clitoris feels just as soft in real life as it does in your dreams. These heavenly folds practically kiss your shaft as you slide inward. 

🍒And a special multi-tunnel design pulls you in deep and intensifies your pleasure even more.

❗❗The masturbator is amazingly stretchy and durable. Your skin feels soft and smooth, and it can be squeezed together so perfectly that you can't keep your hands off of it!  ❗❗The resistant material and the hard-wearing design also make the masturbator extremely durable and ensure long-lasting fun. 

❗❗  The anal and vaginal tunnels are lined with their own unique arrangement of pleasure nubs, clitoris, teasers and other stimulators for massaging your shaft.

❗❗It heats up during use and remains so for a lifelike feeling. Your bum even wobbles just like the real one if you push it in again and again!

☑Material: 100% food-safe TPE silicone 

☑ Characteristic advantage: safe, soft, smooth, real feel, real 

☑Female proportions

☑Function: vagina, model and couple

☑Size: 35cm * 15cm * 24cm

☑Weight: 6.1kg

☑Technique: 3D shape  ☑Package: cardboard box 

☑Color: Flesh color

Precautions for use: 

❶. Before using the product, please rinse the product with water and apply human lubricant before use; 

❷. When cleaning the inner channels of products, they must not be violently torn or stretched

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